ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna Road is an exciting upcoming plotted development that offers a unique opportunity for homebuyers and investors in Gurugram. With certain units still available, this project presents a chance to own a fresh, new unit in a gated community. The grand opening of ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna Road introduces a range of investment opportunities, allowing buyers to capitalize on the potential growth and value appreciation in the region.

This Plotted development in Gurugram stands out due to its thoughtful design and meticulous planning. The project offers a secure and gated community environment, ensuring privacy and safety for residents. Each plot is carefully designed to maximize space and create a comfortable living experience. With well-laid-out infrastructure and amenities, ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna Road provides a serene and harmonious environment for residents to build their dream homes.

Moreover, the location of ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna Road adds to its appeal. Sohna Road is a rapidly developing area in Gurugram, known for its proximity to major commercial and business hubs. The project offers easy connectivity to important destinations such as Golf Course Extension Road, NH-8, and the proposed Southern Peripheral Road (SPR). Residents will enjoy the convenience of being close to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and entertainment options, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle.

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Amenities in ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna

ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna offers an exceptional living experience with top-notch amenities that cater to all the needs and desires of its residents. This thoughtfully designed project by ATS Homekraft ensures a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle. The project features a well-appointed clubhouse that provides a wide range of indoor games such as pool tables, table tennis, carrom, and chess, along with a spacious swimming pool with a wooden deck. The clubhouse will undoubtedly become a favorite spot for residents to unwind and socialize.

In addition to the clubhouse, ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna offers various sports facilities including basketball courts, cricket pitches, football courts, and race tracks within the lush green park. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped gymnasium and the dedicated boxing pit. The project also includes a dedicated kids' park, where children can enjoy their childhood to the fullest, and a serene senior citizen area that offers a peaceful and gratifying environment.

Security is a paramount concern at ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna, and the project ensures the utmost safety and trust for its residents. The development is equipped with a reliable and well-trained security staff, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance. The gated premises and 24/7 surveillance system provide residents with peace of mind and a sense of security. The availability of intercom facility in all units further enhances security and allows residents to have control over who enters the tower.

ATS Homekraft Plots Sohna is meticulously designed to offer something for everyone, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling living experience. With its extensive amenities and focus on security, the project aims to create a true sense of "home" for its residents.

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The location of a property plays a crucial role in determining its desirability, and the area around it often becomes an essential factor for potential residents. A well-chosen location can offer convenience, accessibility, and a host of amenities that contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle. Whether it is the connectivity to major cities, proximity to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, or the presence of employment and commercial hubs, a prime location enhances the overall quality of life. Moreover, a thoughtfully developed area with well-planned infrastructure and a harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces further adds value. These factors combined make a location appealing, offering a sought-after living experience that meets the diverse needs and aspirations of individuals and families.

Why Sohna Road:

Sohna Road is a highly desirable location in Gurugram, Haryana, offering numerous advantages for residents. Here are some key reasons why Sohna Road is an attractive choice for living:

  • Excellent Connectivity: Sohna Road provides excellent connectivity to major areas in Gurugram as well as to other parts of the Delhi-NCR region. It is well-connected to important commercial hubs such as Golf Course Extension Road and NH-8, ensuring convenient travel and accessibility. The distance from Sohna Road to central Gurugram is approximately 15 kilometers, providing residents with easy access to business centers, shopping malls, and entertainment venues.
  • Infrastructure Development: Sohna Road has witnessed significant infrastructure development in recent years. The area boasts well-constructed roads, modern amenities, and a well-planned urban layout. This includes the presence of shopping complexes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, contributing to the overall convenience and comfort of residents.
  • Affordable Housing Options: Sohna Road offers a range of affordable housing options, making it an attractive choice for homebuyers. The availability of budget-friendly residential projects caters to various income groups, allowing individuals to own a home in Gurugram without exceeding their budget. The distance from residential complexes along Sohna Road to the main road is usually within a few kilometers, ensuring easy access to transportation and amenities.
  • Proximity to Educational Institutions: Residents of Sohna Road have access to renowned educational institutions. Schools and colleges such as GD Goenka World School, Ryan International School, and K.R. Mangalam University are located in close proximity, ensuring quality education for children and young adults. The distance between Sohna Road and these educational institutions is typically within a radius of 5 to 10 kilometers, ensuring a convenient commute for students.
  • Employment Opportunities: The strategic location of Sohna Road offers excellent employment opportunities. The region is witnessing significant industrial and commercial growth, attracting multinational companies and industries. Various business parks and corporate offices are situated in the vicinity of Sohna Road, creating job prospects and reducing commute times for residents. The distance between residential areas along Sohna Road and these employment hubs is usually within a range of 5 to 10 kilometers.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Sohna Road is well-equipped with hospitals and healthcare facilities. Renowned hospitals such as Medanta - The Medicity and Artemis Hospital are located in close proximity, ensuring access to quality healthcare services for residents. The distance between residential areas and these healthcare facilities is typically within a few kilometers, allowing for quick and convenient medical assistance when needed.

In conclusion, Sohna Road's excellent connectivity, affordable housing options, proximity to educational institutions and employment opportunities, as well as the availability of healthcare facilities, make it an appealing destination for residents. The well-developed infrastructure, combined with the relatively short distances to key locations, enhances the overall quality of life for those living along Sohna Road.

Schools and Colleges:

GD Goenka World School

Ryan International School

K.R. Mangalam University

GD Goenka University

Pathways World School

DPS International School

Scottish High International School

Amity University, Gurugram



Medanta - The Medicity

Artemis Hospital

Park Hospital

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Max Hospital, Gurugram

Columbia Asia Hospital

W Pratiksha Hospital

Kalyani Hospital

Employment and Commercial Hubs

Cyber City

DLF Cyber Hub

Unitech Cyber Park

Spaze ITech Park

JMD Megapolis

Vatika Business Park

Iris Tech Park

Omaxe Celebration Mall

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ATS Homekraft is a reputable real estate brand that focuses on developing affordable and well-designed residential properties. As a subsidiary of ATS Infrastructure Ltd, ATS Homekraft emphasizes quality, customer satisfaction, and timely project delivery. Their projects are strategically located, offering excellent connectivity and proximity to essential amenities. With a commitment to transparency and utilizing advanced construction techniques, ATS Homekraft has gained the trust and loyalty of customers in the Indian real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Ans: The residential project offers a range of amenities to enhance the living experience. These may include a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness centre, landscaped gardens, sports facilities, children's play area, and 24/7 security services.
- Ans: The connectivity in the area is excellent, with easy access to major roads, highways, and public transportation options. It is advisable to check the specific details of connectivity to key locations such as airports, railway stations, and commercial hubs.
- Ans: Yes, there are often educational institutions located near the residential project, including schools, colleges, and universities. It is recommended to inquire about the specific institutions and their proximity to the project.
- Ans: Nearby healthcare facilities may include hospitals, clinics, and medical centres. It is essential to check the availability and proximity of these facilities to ensure easy access to quality healthcare services.
- Ans: The pricing and payment plan may vary depending on the project. It is advisable to consult with the developer or the sales team to get accurate information about the pricing, payment options, and any applicable terms and conditions.

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